Welcome to the home of the Orange Players!

I first would like to thank those who attended our show “You’re a God Man, Charlie Brown.” We are still receiving wonderful comments on this production as we had such talented directors and a terrific cast and a great stage and lighting, and production crew!  Producing a show involves a great deal of planning, time, and work with the town. I would also like to thank Mary Patterson who “stepped up to the plate” helping me as co-producer.

The reading committee is now at work deciding our next show so visit our website frequently to find out more at a later time.

Membership is very important to us and I am so please that we had so many new faces working with the last production. You do not have to just act and sing to be in Community Theater. There are so many other aspects and each one is very important. We always need help with tickets, calls, lighting, sound, props, and building and painting sets, just to name a few. Please fill out the membership form on the website with your check and send it in.

Please join us at our next membership meeting in February and learn more about the Orange Players.  We are the OLDEST CONTINUALLY ACTIVE COMMUNITY THEATER IN CONNECTICUT and we are very proud of it. Also visit the website periodically for any updates on workshops or other Orange Players activities. Thank you again to everyone and hope to see you at the next membership meeting.

Theatrically Yours,
Marianne Miller
President of Orange Players

A Kick Out of Cole